Turku University Hospital (TYKS)

Turku University Hospital (TYKS) uses barcode technology for the registration and identification of implants and blood products because accurate information is a must.

Optiscan has provided TYKS with Datalogic barcode readers that are used by surgery units in the Southwest Finland hospital district. With barcodes every implant can be identified accurately.

The registration of implants has been managed with barcodes for a couple of years. With blood products the utilization of barcodes is a more recent upgrade. It is essential that this information is accurate also.

Several applications

According to Ruonamo, the users of barcode readers have given positive feedback. She thinks that barcode technology in general works well in hospital environment and it could be utilized much more widely.

"There is a need for accurate information in the hospitals. With barcodes it is possible to identify exactly which product or material is at hand. The risk of error disappears", she states.

Ruonamo sees the possibility that hospital sector could reach a consensus about the management of material flows with barcode technology, the target should be something like what the retail business has been able to reach.. She points out that a project of this magnitude would require a very active leader figure and a driving force.

"With barcodes it is possible to speed up habitual tasks. For example in the warehouse environment materials could be automatically read from barcodes situated on top of the shelves. Nowadays the materials are first registered by pen and paper, then the person takes a walk to computer and enters the same data into information systems. A lot of development work could be done here", thinks Ruonamo.


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