VoiceCatalyst 2.2 and Talkman A700 Series

Honeywell Vocollect Solutions has announced the availability of VoiceCatalyst 2.2, providing a simple, easy path to utilize latest Talkman A700 solution innovations. Additionally, Honeywell Vocollect Solutions has announced the availability of the Talkman A720, offering Bluetooth® connectivity and two Talkman connectors (TCO´s), for distribution centers that require the use of wired peripherals.

VoiceCatalyst 2.2: This is the first version of VoiceCatalyst to enable all current or potentialVocollect Voice users´ access to the latest features available in the Talkman A700 solution, without having to make changes to their host system or the existing voice workflow. With this version, users with TaskBuilder®-developed Tasks and VoiceArtisan®-developed VoiceApplications will have immediate access to features that improve DC operations made possible by the Talkman A700 Solution.

  • TouchConnect™- Save time at the start of each shift when pairing A700 devices to an SRX2 headset
  • SoundSense™- When used with the SRX2, reduces unwanted noise and sound insertions by more than 50%, improving worker satisfaction and throughput
  • RapidStart™- Provides consistent self-led voice-worker education, saving supervisor time

Talkman A720: This latest model extends the Talkman A700 Solution for customers who want to voice-enable workflows that require frequent or long-range scanning, leveraging existing investments in these wired peripherals. The Talkman A720 joins the previously released Talkman A730, the industry´s first solution to integrate voice and scanning in one wearable form factor, and the Talkman A710, the lightest and sleekest solution for voice-directed workflows.

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