The Hospital District of Southwest Finland (Varsinais-Suomen sairaanhoitopiiri)

VSSHP trusts Optiscan!

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland has implemented several solutions delivered by Optiscan.

  1. Abakus Order Management
  2. Voice in warehouse
  3. Product identification with barcodes

The Hospital District of SW Finland handles all material orders with Abakus Order Management solution - excluding only medicines. Almost 2 000 users within the hospital district manage product ordering process electronically with a web-based user interface, handheld devices and Voice technology. "All orders, item usage and product inventories are handled with Abakus - quickly and easily - now we can concentrate on our actual work, nursing", explains System Specialist Hanna Jääskeläinen, the Hospital District of SW Finland.

Abakus Order Management is integrated to Voice-directed picking system used in the logistics center of the hospital district. "Voice offers our users a possibility to keep their eyes focused on the on-going activity and work with hands free for moving and carrying the items. The solution guides you through your tasks, supports you and tells you what to do next. Voice has enhanced ergonomics in our warehouse, increased productivity and significantly diminished picking errors", describes Mika Leivo, Logistics Manager, Hospital District of SW Finland.

Turku University Hospital has for years used barcode technology to register and recognize implants and to label blood and other laboratory specimens. "Inside a hospital there is an unconditional need for exact information. With barcodes we know exactly what product or material we are handling. In our processes there is no more room for mistakes, states Mervi Ruonamo, Project Manager, Medbit Oy (the company in charge of hospital district´s information management services).


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