One Store The Customer-Centric Path To Multi-Channel Success

One hundred years ago, retailers only had bricks and mortar stores to manage. Today the landscape is much more complex. The Internet, social media and faster delivery times have transformed the shopping experience.

Immediacy is the expectation and a seamless interaction whether online or in-store. As a result, customers buy what they need, when they need it. They want to know whether a product is available regardless of its location and they want choices in how they receive it - in-store, at home or at another collect point. To fulfil this demand the onus is on the retailer to ensure visibility of stock across channels for staff and customers and to have the logistics in place to deliver on this demand.

With new technology improving all the time - especially track and trace and the means to connect separate databases - a new era of innovation awaits for the entire retail industry. It promises to support new routes to market, allow retailers to get personal and increase loyalty, and deliver a dynamic and rewarding One Store experience online, in-store and via mobile.

Read more in a white paper on "One Store - the customer-centric path to multi-channel success". This paper discusses the changing expectations of the consumer, and the experience that retailers need to create in order to succeed in today´s extremely competitive marketplace.

'One Store' - A New Focus For Retail

In this video the experts at Zebra Technologies introduce you to ‘One Store´ customer-centric approach to omni-channel retail. It provides organisations with a path to success in today´s complex retail landscape.




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