Hardware for Traffic Warden needs

The reliability of mobile and print devices, the speed of data transfer, high quality photos and print quality are important factors in the job of a traffic warden. The equipment can be reliably operated without interruption even in challenging conditions.

In the changing and demanding work environment, efficient workloads are based on efficient and lightweight mobile terminals and high-quality labels produced by mobile printers. Optiscan has long-term experience in market-leading mobile terminals, printers and print media. Equipment maintenance is performed by certified and qualified service personnel.

Zebra TC57

 Zebra Technologies
  • Professional Android 8.1 Smartphone with 5 '' display  
  • Ergonomic and high-performance mobile terminal for tough outdoor applications
  • Weight 249 g, lightweight carrying
  • 5-inch large screen for use in sunlight, including gloves in hand and rain
  • 4G, WiFI, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS
  • Micro-C charging connector  
  • Rear camera 13 MP auto focus, Flash lighting, low light  
  • Long battery life => 14 hours in continuous operation  
  • Automatically adjusts the backlight sensor  
  • Operating temperature up to -20 degrees Celsius

Honeywell EDA51


  • A new generation of durable mobile terminal
  • Weight 279 g  
  • GMS, WWAN, 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2. GPS
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450, 1.8GHz octa-core high performance processor
  • 13MP quality camera  
  • Withstands repeated drops from a height of 1.2m  
  • Bluetooth 4.2, NFC Pairing  
  • IP rating: IP64  
  • Plenty of accessories
 Zebra ZQ510
Zebra Technologies
  • The most durable mobile printer on the market  
  • 3 '' printer for demanding use in all conditions (rain and snow)  
  • The metal outer casing withstands extreme properties  
  • Weight only 630g (with battery)
  •  Usb, bluetooth 4.0 (low energy)
  • Optimized battery life in frost conditions (+ 30% savings compared to other brands) => automated temperature head and print speed adjustment in frost conditions.  
  • IP54 (IP65 with enclosure)  
  • Withstands repeated falls from a height of 2 m.  
  • Ultra-fast printing at 127mm / s
  • Operating temperature -20 degrees (the only printer model on the market)
  • IP54 / 65 (best for outdoor printers)

Traffic warden material

  • High quality parking fee tag for parking security withstands the toughest conditions without tearing
  •  Glossy finish, thick weatherproof material
  • Yellow edges on one side or print as desired by the customer
  • Pre-printed legal texts in 3 languages
  • Tested for best material in sunlight, rain and frost.


Zebra TC25 (wlan/4G), Bluetooth, Camera (Smartphone) 4,3"

Zebra Logistics
  • A new generation rugged smartphone that can be used reliably outdoors in frost in all weather conditions.
  • Compact terminal that slides easily into your pocket.
  • Withstands repeated drops and rain.
  • High-speed bluetooth connections to stand-alone devices
  • 8MP quality camera (automated functions)
  • Powerful battery life (10h on a single charge) without a separate charger (3000mAh)
  • 4G, wlan, GMS, bluetooth, NFC
  • Can also be charged with USB-C connector
  • Plenty of accessories available!


Zebra TC57 / 25 / ZQ510 Mobile Printers Various Cases and Accessories 

A wide variety of accessories are available for Zebra mobile devices that enhance the parking inspector's ergonomics while still protecting the terminals in challenging conditions. The terminals can be used in wrist cases, belt cases or even olanyl carrying cases.

Collaboration with Fujitsu 

Fujitsu Helga-mobile developer as well as an expert Optiscan device-side co-operate in order to Helga customers receive in the future even more extensive and more varied professional services. With Optiscan's extensive range of mobile devices, we can work together to look at the best and most useful tools for your employees. Designed for professional use and challenging environments, Optiscan mobile devices have significantly lower lifecycle costs than consumer devices. All our mobile devices are compatible with the Helga system.


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