A real-time visibility and data intelligence are critical for warehouse processes. The right data can help you to analyze warehouse operation and enhance personnel workforce performance.

Optiscan’s AbakusDirect mobile solution for instore and warehouse logistics , reliable devices and device management service have supported Stark Suomi Oy’s volume growth and streamlined operations, speeded up routines and brought more control and automation to warehousing processes.

Kari Wahlman, Logistics Director, Stark Finland

Four simple steps will help you to improve your warehouse operations

1. Space

Warehouse space and picking routes optimization. Maximization of warehouse productivity starts with space optimization. Adding up taller storage units can increase warehouse capacity. Also, it is important to optimize inventory and order picking routes in order to minimize the overall throughput time.

2. Technology

In order to make data manageable and improved efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations you need to adopt enabling technology and software solutions. Warehouse operational systems can enhance execution level, enabling real-time instructions and automatic feedback from operations to back-end-systems.

3. Hardware

To ensure the quality and reliability of hardware and guarantee you best choices of hardware support, choose the leading device manufacturers. Pay attention to good quality products for identifying barcodes and 2D codes by both handheld and by fixed scanners in all applications. Improving efficiency and workforce productivity with cutting-edge real-time data access mobile computers. And fulfill all printing need by using a combinations of high-quality durable printers and reliable labels, tags, and ribbons. Make sure to select the correct label. What must it be able to withstand? What adhesive do you need, should it be permanent?

4. Workforce

For warehouses the perceived service quality and the biggest source of labor costs comes from warehouse personnel. Focus on work process quality and effectiveness. Execution of warehouse processes such as receiving, put-away, transfers, stock-taking, picking and loading are all performed with modern technologies best suited for the purpose. Equipping workers with mobile devices, barcodes, handheld terminals,Voice Picking and RFID technologies increase the speed and accuracy of order picking and enable a real-time inventory visibility.

Warehouse work optimization

AbakusDirect is a warehouse operations ecosystem that packages the necessary software, hardware, operation and support into a single service. The core of the solution is AbakusDirect work management system, optimizing warehouse work processes and efficiency.

Work is performed with the use of modern technology according to the user’s choice. Mobile handheld devices, barcode scanners and voice recognition work seamlessly together. AbakusDirect is both a device and network independent solution. 

The multimodal functionality of AbakusDirect enables the warehouse operator to select how to interact with the application based on his personal preference. The application can be used by traditional touch screen interface, or by voice control, depending on what makes the most sense for the work at hand. Input method can be changed at any point of the process. Work task information is provided both on the device screen and as voice instructions via the operator’s headset, if desired. Also, while working using voice control, additional task information can be checked from the device screen when necessary.

The use of multimodal voice control enables a hands-free-eyes-free work environment. This provides an additional 15 – 35% productivity boost compared to traditional inventory management systems using handheld devices by touch screen only.

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Optiscan’s Abakus solutions combine operational control applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) systems to facilitate practical workflow, enabling real-time workflow control and automated execution of information for information systems. Essentially, these solutions help businesses to better manage and track their logistics operations in real-time, and make use of automated systems to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Distribution & 3PL

3PL companies nowadays struggle probably the most with their customers’ need for individual operational modes and procedures. Every new customer might turn into a very challenging implementation project.

Healthcare logistics solutions

In healthcare warehousing the biggest challenges among other things are handling products with due dates, optimizing the item titels and enhancing and streamlining the processes when ordering supplies. Substantial savings will occur when instead of ordering new products, the necessary items can be moved from stock to stock inside the hospital premises.

Software solution specially optimized to handle order picking and delivery in retail environment.

transportation and logistics

Timely management of transportation & logistics operations provides a significant competitive edge for an efficient organization.


Optiscan’s Abakus Solution for the warehouse streamlines processes and improves operational quality and efficiency.

3PL companies nowadays struggle probably the most with their customers’ need for individual operational modes and procedures.

In healthcare business goods and materials are always on the move. Abakus offers solutions for all mobile work requirement.