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Optiscan Group offers IT solutions for warehouses that use voice and barcode technology. Our goal is to improve material and data flow, productivity, and customer satisfaction in warehouses. To ensure the success of our projects and maximize the use of our solutions, we provide software and hardware solutions, remote device management, and OptiCare™ services. Would you like to talk more about this?

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Honeywell Vocollect Voice


Our solutions combine operational control applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) systems to facilitate practical workflow, enabling real-time workflow control and automated execution of information for information systems.


To ensure the quality and reliability of hardware solutions and guarantee you best choices of hardware support, we have established premium partnerships with world leading device manufacturers Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, QubeVu, Omron and Enterprise Mobility Management industry leader SOTI.


Optiscan offers maintenance services to ensure that your warehouse devices and systems are always running smoothly. OptiCare™ services are a one-stop, cost effective solution to designing, implementing and supporting your system.

Software solution specially optimized to handle order picking and delivery in retail environment.

transportation and logistics

Timely management of transportation & logistics operations provides a significant competitive edge for an efficient organization.


Optiscan’s Abakus Solution for the warehouse streamlines processes and improves operational quality and efficiency.

3PL companies nowadays struggle probably the most with their customers’ need for individual operational modes and procedures.

In healthcare business goods and materials are always on the move. Abakus offers solutions for all mobile work requirement.


Optiscan at Logistics Trade Fair in Helsinki

Welcome to Optiscan’s stand Logistics Trade Fair on 11. – 12.9.2024 in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, Finland. The industry’s most significant event in Finland showcases intralogistics, material handling and warehousing services. Logistics chain management, 3rd party logistics, data exchange, mobile technologies are important content of this exhibition as well as forklifts, accessories and spare parts.
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Get to know with our success stories

Reference story : Stark Finland

Stark Suomi Oy has conducted digitization of customer service and warehousing processes. Optiscan delivered the AbakusDirect mobile solution that enables flexible instore and warehouse logistics processes as well as ensures a smooth customer service.

Reference story : DHL – MQ

The errors are so few that it´s not worth spending time checking the deliveries at MQ´s stores. A good testimonial for the solution based on Pick-by-Voice from Optiscan.

Reference story : Ahlsell

Ahlsell works with a huge number of trade customers, all on different pricing brackets; consequently no prices are displayed in-store. The purchasing process was, therefore, quite complicated.