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  • Social and Healthcare Days 2020

    14.10.2020–16.10.2020 | Read more →

  • Logistik & Transport

    At Logistik & Transport Optiscan will showcase the latest for an efficient warehouse operation. Come and see how barcodes, scanners, handhelds and voice can streamline your warehouse.
    3.11.2020–4.11.2020 | Read more →

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  • Noora Salminen: How to effectively manage a growing mobile environment?

    28.5.2020 | Read more →

  • Markus Kaikkonen: Improve eCommerce productivity with voice control

    26.5.2020 | Read more →

  • Jarmo Reunanen: Effective personnel control of warehouses and stores in the new era

    29.4.2020 | Read more →

  • Noora Salminen: UDI is coming - Are you ready?

    22.4.2020 | Read more →

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Intersport omni-channel logistics is managed by Abakus.
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