To ensure the quality and reliability of hardware solutions and guarantee you best choices of hardware support, we have established premium partnerships with world leading device manufacturers Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, QubeVu, Omron and Enterprise Mobility Management industry leader SOTI.

Enhance your enterprise data management with reliable hardware solutions from Optiscan

To ensure the quality and reliability of hardware solutions and guarantee you best choices of hardware support, we have established premium partnerships with world leading device manufacturers Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Datalogic, Enterprise Mobility Management industry leader SOTI and Seagull BarTender printing solutions provider.

Zebra Technologies is a global company that specializes in technologies for the identification and tracking of people, assets, and data.

Honeywell’s product portfolio includes a range of printers, scanners, and mobile computers that are used in a variety of applications.

Datalogic is a global company that specializes in the production of technologies for the automatic data capture and process automation.

SOTI is a global company that specializes in the production of mobile device remote management (MDM) solutions and services.

BarTender software is used by companies around the world to create and automate labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and much more.


By continuously researching latest trends on the market Optiscan Group strives to provide you the very best hardware solutions, expert services and technical support.

Our printers fulfill all needs from basic printing duties to most requiring needs. We have also a good selection of portable printers to all kind of mobile solutions.

Printing Materials

Zebra offers supplies (labels, tags and ribbons), which are specifically developed for Zebra printers and are all made to a high standard.

  • Genuine Zebra Supplies are manufactured exclusively for Zebra printers
  • All labels and ribbons are laboratory-tested for optimum performance
  • Genuine Zebra Supplies help minimise wear and tear on printheads
  • A wide range of materials supports the full Zebra printer range

Mobile Computers

Improving efficiency and workforce productivity with cutting-edge real-time data access.


We offer you good quality products for identifying barcodes and 2D codes by both handheld and by fixed scanners in all applications.

Hardware for Healthcare

Improving healthcare processes includes improvement of the actual care processes as well as supporting processes such as equipment maintenance or internal logistics. Equally important is to use products and hardware developed and designed to cover the special requirements of healthcare and public services operators.

Hardware solutions for more efficient logistic operations: label printers, barcode scanners, mobile devices and printing material.

Honeywell Vocollect Voice

Honeywell Voice, a portfolio of products and expertise for enabling Voice-Directed Work, creates direct communication between team members and information systems to deliver unparalleled performance in a variety of environments. 

Honeywell Vocollect Voice

Forklift PC’s

Advantech-DLoG manufactures industrial computer equipment for challenging application environments.

SOTI Device Management

SOTI MobiControl is a tool that helps businesses manage and secure their mobile devices. It allows users to remotely control and view devices made by over 200 different manufacturers, and can quickly and correctly deploy devices to employees. 

SOTI device management

Hardware for Traffic Warden needs

The reliability of mobile and print devices, the speed of data transfer, high quality photos and print quality are important factors in the job of a traffic warden. The equipment can be reliably operated without interruption even in challenging conditions.

In the changing and demanding work environment, efficient workloads are based on efficient and lightweight mobile terminals and high-quality labels produced by mobile printers. Optiscan has long-term experience in market-leading mobile terminals, printers and print media. Equipment maintenance is performed by certified and qualified service personnel.

Rice Lake’s iDimension® Series

Rice Lake’s iDimension® Series captures images of packages, flats, poly bags, tubes and irregular shaped items in record time to calculate the dimensions of your packages for shipment. The iDimension Series provides carriers with the dimensions and weight of pallets and packages in less than a second. The iDimension Series provide easy-to-use, Legal for Trade solutions and allows users to identify the correct freight class, reducing the risk of additional fees from carriers.

Get to know with our success stories

Reference story : Museum Card

Cooperation with Optiscan enables an efficient process of reading Museum Cards and ensures that transactions in the museum are smooth. Culture lovers now have an even better opportunity to enjoy versatile museum experiences around Finland.

Reference story : Mediq Suomi Oy

The Abakus system can easily enhance picking by consolidating many small orders to be picked at the same time. The pickers can also check the inventory or request replenishment whenever needed.