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Printing Materials

Below, you’ll find a glimpse of our vast product portfolio. For inquiries about specific products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

Zebra offers supplies (labels, tags and ribbons), which are specifically developed for Zebra printers and are all made to a high standard.

  • Genuine Zebra Supplies are manufactured exclusively for Zebra printers
  • All labels and ribbons are laboratory-tested for optimum performance
  • Genuine Zebra Supplies help minimise wear and tear on printheads
  • A wide range of materials supports the full Zebra printer range

Genuine Zebra labels are classified into product families, making them easy to specify and sell.
The classification:

  • Makes it easier to identify material types
  • Improves clarity of material market positioning

Several product families exist for paper, synthetic and speciality products:

Paper products

 Z-Perform™ Materials have an uncoated paper facestock that provides an optimal
balance between performance and price
 Z-Select™Materials have a premium, top-coated, white, ultra-smooth paper
facestock designed to provide optimal image quality; ideal for high-
speed printing applications where premium print quality is important

Synthetic products

 PolyE A white top-coated polyethylene facestock that provides superb
flexibility for labelling curved or rough surfaces; minimal resistance to
scratching and smearing
 PolyO™ A white satin, corona-treated polyolefin facestock that provides flexibility
for labelling curved or rough surfaces; some resistance to scratching
and smearing
 PolyPro™ A top-coated polypropylene facestock that provides high print quality
and good resistance to scratching and smearing; offers some flexibility
for labelling curved surfaces
 Z-Ultimate® A gloss polyester facestock that provides excellent print quality, good
chemical resistance and superior resistance to scratching and smearing
 Z-Xtreme™ A matt polyester facestock that provides high-quality print, good smear
and scratch resistance and excellent chemical resistance
 Z-Supreme™ A polyimide facestock designed to withstand high temperatures
of up to 500°C