Optiscan's Abakus solutions combine operational control applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) systems to facilitate practical workflow, enabling real-time workflow control and automated execution of information for information systems. Essentially, these solutions help businesses to better manage and track their logistics operations in real-time, and make use of automated systems to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Optiscan’s AbakusDirect mobile solution for instore and warehouse logistics , reliable devices and device management service have supported Stark Suomi Oy’s volume growth and streamlined operations, speeded up routines and brought more control and automation to warehousing processes.

Kari Wahlman, Logistics Director, Stark Finland

Warehouse optimization with AbakusDirect work management system

AbakusDirect is a mobile solution for optimizing manual warehouse workflow processes. It suits all types of warehouses from wholesale distribution centers to individual small warehouses. It is designed to optimize and streamline warehousing processes, maximizing the service quality with significantly lowered costs.

The multimodal functionality of AbakusDirect enables the warehouse operator to select how to interact with the application based on his personal preference. The application can be used by traditional touch screen interface, or by voice control, depending on what makes the most sense for the work at hand. Input method can be changed at any point of the process. Work task information is provided both on the device screen and as voice instructions via the operator’s headset, if desired. Also, while working using voice control, additional task information can be checked from the device screen when necessary.

Voice-picking in a warehouse

The use of multimodal voice control enables a hands-free-eyes-free work environment. This provides an additional 15 – 35% productivity boost compared to traditional inventory management systems using handheld devices by touch screen only.

With AbakusDirect the most suitable devices can be used based on the process requirements. The system functions can be executed with voice control simultaneously with the touch screen, providing transparency and visibility on the warehouse-floor processes eliminating errors and resource consuming processes. With versatile integration interfaces, the solution can be easily adapted to work with the customer’s existing ERP system.

Benefits of the AbakusDirect mobile system for warehouse optimization:

  • flexible warehouse logistics
  • mobile warehousing
  • improved quality of customer service
  • streamlined inventory processes
  • enhancing a manual work in warehouse

Agile all-in-voice warehouse processes

Warehouse processes from inbound to outbound can be performed with voice control or/and handheld devices.

Productivity & Shipping Accuracy

Easy-to-use mobility and voice control enables productivity improvements from 15% – 35% with 100% shipping accuracy.

Easy to customize

The workflow can be easily configured to meet different business needs.

Process quality and efficiency

AbakusDirect improves the quality and efficiency of processes and lowers labor costs.


AbakusDirect Ecosystem

AbakusDirect is a warehouse operations ecosystem that packages the necessary software, hardware, operation and support into a single service. The core of the solution is AbakusDirect work management system, optimizing warehouse work processes and efficiency.
Work is performed with the use of modern technology according to the user’s choice. Mobile handheld devices, barcode scanners and voice recognition work seamlessly together. AbakusDirect is both a device and network independent solution. 
Voice control is provenly the most productive technology for full time piece picking operations, since it leaves the picker with both hands free for moving goods. Voice picking is accurate thanks to location-specific verification numbers. Once at the correct location, the worker speaks the verification numbers into the microphone to confirm location and to pick the specified goods. 
Using a handheld terminal with a graphical user interface is an excellent option when the user is required to enter additional information during the picking process or when a large amount of additional information or process instructions are required to support the workflow.

Read our latest case story: Digitalization of Stark Finland’s warehouse processes with AbakusDirect

Stark Suomi Oy has conducted digitization of customer service and warehousing processes. Optiscan delivered the AbakusDirect mobile solution that enables flexible instore and warehouse logistics processes as well as ensures a smooth customer service.

“The key to the success of the project was that the goals were clearly set during the definition phase and that they were delivered on time,” says Mika Vuorenmaa, Logistics Manager, Stark Finland..