Reference story : Stark Finland

Stark Suomi Oy is a trusted partner for professional builders in Finland and part of the Stark Group, the largest building materials chain in the Nordic countries. Stark has a nationwide network of 26 stores, two 24/7 stores and an online store. The service is available regardless of time or place. 

Efficient customer service, flexible delivery and high product availability are key factors in securing the success of Stark business operations and customer satisfaction. The aim was to improve customer service and enhance warehousing logistics by digitizing warehousing processes.

“Optiscan’s AbakusDirect mobile solution for instore and warehouse logistics , reliable Datalogic devices and SOTI MobiControl service have supported Stark Suomi Oy’s volume growth and streamlined operations, speeded up routines and brought more control and automation to warehousing processes.

Kari Wahlman, Logistics Director, Stark Finland

Digitalization of customer service and warehousing processes

Stark’s comprehensive product portfolio for building materials, distribution centers and large pick-up yards required flexible logistics. To meet this need, Stark started the project on digitalization of customer service and warehousing processes in 2019. In the project, the old Windows-based system was replaced and upgraded with a new Android-based mobile solution. 

The aim of the project was to improve customer service, reduce manual work and possible errors, and bring transparency to  real-time stock balances.

Flexible and efficient digital customer service and warehousing processes require seamless collaboration between multiple information systems. Stark’s goal was to digitalize warehousing processes and optimize various processes in pick-up yards as well as in stores and regional distribution warehouses. These processes cover everything from incoming material flows to the delivery of customer orders, as well as various operations within Stark’s locations.

Implementation of digitalization of warehouse processes

Due to the tight schedule of the project, the digitalization of logistics processes was carried out in stages. Preparations for the project began in November-December 2019 and development work was kicked off in January 2020. The first phase was placed into production after staff training in April before the start of the high season. The client’s schedule was quite tight but the deadlines were met due to excellent and  close project team collaboration, systematic workflow management, and in-depth process knowledge of both parties.

“The key to the success of the project was that the goals were clearly set during the definition phase and that they were delivered on time,” says Mika Vuorenmaa, Logistics Manager, Stark Finland.

Functionality of the AbakusDirect solution

The digitalization of warehouse processes for Stark was implemented with the AbakusDirect mobile solution. Stark’s ERP system communicates directly with Optiscan’s AbakusDirect mobile solution and all orders and other tasks are handled through the application on mobile terminals. The system ensures a smooth customer service, enabling an efficient shopping experience for a busy construction professional during the first morning opening hours, whether handling a pre-order or an item picked at the spot with a “shopping list”.

Digitalization of warehouse processes – technology, equipment and services

The improved warehousing processes have also had an impact on the daily routine work. Orders are picked in Stark’s stores, pick-up yards (open air premises) and in the central warehouse with Datalogic handheld terminals supplied by Optiscan. Stark’s sites and users are supported by Optiscan’s maintenance services and SOTI’s remote mobile device management services.

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