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Reference story : KiiltoClean

Using Abakus the field personnel can produce a report on maintenance procedures, which is also delivered to the customer. This way open, two-way communication can be ensured throughout the process.

Reference story : Pharmadata

Pharmadata develops solutions that provide pharmacies with business and customer value added benefits. The goal is to stay at the forefront of development in terms of both technology and operating environment.

Reference story : Intersport Finland

It is a real-time warehouse and product management and inventory solution with which Intersport improves its customer service and makes warehouse operations more efficient from the point products arrive at a warehouse until they are delivered.

Reference story : Stark Finland

Stark Suomi Oy has conducted digitization of customer service and warehousing processes. Optiscan delivered the AbakusDirect mobile solution that enables flexible instore and warehouse logistics processes as well as ensures a smooth customer service.

Reference story : Pamark Group

All items in Pamark’s warehouse are picked using Optiscan's AbakusWMS system and Zebra handheld devices. With a flexible inventory management system and reliable devices, Pamark is able to manage both large daily deliveries of dozens of pallets to central stores as well as deliveries of individual e-commerce orders.

Reference story : Turku Free Zone Company (TVV)

In order to increase the efficiency of its warehousing operations, Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) chose Optiscan's AbakusWMS system. The system was introduced in the autumn 2020. With the help of AbakusWMS, all the services required for storage have been automated.