Reference story : KiiltoClean

KiiltoClean is a supplier for sanitary and hygiene solutions for whom installations, maintenance and services related to the solutions play a key role. KiiltoClean manages and monitors its daily service operations with the Abakus FieldWork system. The system has improved the company’s working models by decreasing routine tasks, minimizing errors and automating data entry. For the customer this means better customer service.

Abakus FieldWork helps us in daily work supervision. Thanks to the system we know the status of work orders, are able to meet the response times defined by the customer’s service agreements and to manage our personnel resources in a better way.

Kari Paasipuro, Manager for Technical Customer Service, KiiltoClean

Benefits for KiiltoClean’s customers

“In many cases our solutions are business critical for our customers. If machines are out of order, it can mean breaks in the production. Service breaks agreed beforehand, predictive maintenance and remote control reduce unnecessary breaks in the production. Without the Abakus FieldWork system we would not be able to manage maintenance and installation as flexibly”, says CIO Tuomas Vepsäläinen at Kiilto Family. Using Abakus the field personnel can produce a report on maintenance procedures, which is also delivered to the customer. This way open, two-way communication can be ensured throughout the process.

Benefits for field personnel

Abakus FieldWork provides real-time information on the day’s and even two week’s work orders for the service and installation personnel.  Using an Android tablet or smart phone the field personnel can monitor the customer’s basic data, such as machinery, detergents, maintenance history and reports. The procedures that are carried out and spare parts that are used are updated directly in the system after which the data is forwarded to other systems, such as warehouse and invoice systems. The work of maintenance personnel has become easier, as all data entry related to reporting can be made simultaneously with the actual maintenance work. There is no longer a need to keep the details in mind afterwards, which makes work more efficient and minimizes errors in reporting.

Dozens of small stocks to manage

The service personnel have stocks in their cars, and the stock balances can be updated in real-time using Abakus. When the service personnel make changes to the stock, the stock balance is updated accordingly. If the stock balance is below the critical level, the background system generates an automated order which is directed to KiiltoClean’s logistics center. From the logistics center the orders are forwarded to a voice-directed system supplied by Optiscan ensuring maximum delivery reliability. This way the process is automated and situations where spare parts run out of the car are minimized.

Benefits to sales personnel

The sales people who are in charge of selling KiiltoClean’s products and services have real-time view of the accounts. A graphical interface displays the open jobs of a customer and the time the jobs are taken care of. Optimization of the machinery and services offered to the customer become more straightforward when all data related to the machinery and the maintenance history is available for the sales.

“Many big accounts require electric reporting systems. The Abakus system enables growth and is a tool to develop operations in the future”, states Tuomas Vepsäläinen.

The classification system included in the Abakus system ensures that customers get service according to the service level defined in the contract. When a part of the daily routines of the sales personnel is gone, the sales people have more time to assist customers with the right use of the machinery and dosage.

Benefits for management

“Abakus FieldWork helps us in daily supervision of work. We know the status of orders, are able to follow response times defined by the customer’s service agreement and to manage our personnel resources better”, says Kari Paasipuro, Manager for Technical Customer service at KiiltoClean. We can now allocate work orders according to the real personnel resources available, as holidays, sick leaves and changes to personnel have been entered in the system. A view to the workload of the field personnel can be seen by the management. This way it is easier to make recruitment decisions and helps to balance the work queues of the field personnel. To conclude: “it makes our every-day life much easier when we know exactly what to do at all times”, says Paasipuro.

Electric reporting has decreased customer inquiries and made operations more efficient. The routines can now be reported while working. “Thanks to Abakus the maintenance alarms have been decreased by a fifth. This has brought many positive results: as we have managed to cut down maintenance alarms, we have also been able to shift resources to predictive maintenance, which has also reduced maintenance alarms as such. But the biggest advantage by far is the increase in customer satisfaction”, states Paasipuro.  

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