Healthcare Logistics

In healthcare business goods and materials are always on the move - hospitals and healthcare centers have large central warehouses, small part storages and everything in between.

In healthcare warehousing the biggest challenges among other things are handling products with due dates, optimizing the item titels and enhancing and streamlining the processes when ordering supplies. Substantial savings will occur when instead of ordering new products, the necessary items can be moved from stock to stock inside the hospital premises.

Nowadays healthcare business is experiencing lack of professional personnel and constantly tightening budgets. Due to these changes it is more important than ever for the employees to be able to concentrate on their actual main task - serving the clients - instead of using their valuable time on administrative and other non-productive chores.

Read below more on how Optiscan enables their customers to serve their own customers the best way possible:




The Hospital District of Southwest Finland
(Varsinais-Suomen sairaanhoitopiiri)

The Department of Purchase and Logistics in the Hospital District of SW Finland has implemented Optiscan Abakus Order Management solution, which manages all the material orders of the whole hospital district excluding only medicines...

Mediq Suomi Oy

Mediq Suomi Oy is the leading supplier of healthcare equipment, supplies and services in Finland, serving healthcare and laboratory professionals...



University Pharmacy

University Pharmacy has been using voice picking solution for several years at its central warehouse to pick orders for pharmacies and corporate customers...

Hardware for Healthcare Logistics

Read more about hardware for healthcare logistics here


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