Optiscan printing solutions for patient wristbands

Making healthcare operations efficient includes improving healthcare processes and developing different support operations. An essential part of successful system projects are solutions, device and materials developed for the special needs of each field. For instance, in a clinical laboratory environment the materials of the devices must be antimicrobic and surface materials must resist chemical detergents.

Optiscan helps to find products and solutions for identifying patients with wristbands. We have long-term experience in healthcare logistics. We have supplied solutions and device for laboratories, hospital equipment maintenance, pharmacies and other healthcare operators.

Printers for demanding use

The marketing leader Zebra's printers are designed for heavy use, and their quality and durability are
of high quality in any environment, such as printing wristbands. Zebra printers are designed using
latest technology. A wristband roll can be fast inserted inside the printer, whereas a cartridge that
can be quickly placed inside the printer contains wristbands. In a wristband printer wristbands are hygienically protected and changing the cartridge can be carried out without opening the printer.

Wristband rolls and wristband cartridges

From Optiscan you can get wristband rolls and wristband cartridges in many colors for a wide target group. Fastening mechanisms for wristbands are firm glue fastening and clip fastening. All wristbands have soft sides and they endure common hospital chemicals used.

Device and label material for healthcare

 Wristband printers: Zebra ZD410 & ZD410 Healthcare
  • Wristband roll easy to be inserted
  • Small in size: 220x115x151 mm (length x width x height)
  • Thermal desktop printer, printing resolution 200 dpi/300 dpi
  • Easy to use control button
  • USB 2.0, USB-host, ethernet, bluetooth low energy
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac as an option
  • ZD410 Healthcare model is protected agaist bacteria
    and can be clened using strong hospital chemicals.

Wristband printer: Zebra ZD510-HC Healthcare
  • Easy to use wristband printer
  • Printer automatically recognizes the size of the wristband and
    automatically sets printing speed and darkness of the print
  • Surface material protected against hospital chemicals and UV radiation
  • Small in size: 242x127x178mm (length x width x height)
  • Thermal printer, printing resolution 300 dpi
  • Easy to use control buttons
  • USB 2.0, USB-host, ethernet, bluetooth low energy, NFC pairing
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac as an option

 Wristband rolls
  • Wristbands for adults, elderly people and children have been tested
    and they are allergy-free. Wristbands endure washing,
    mild soaps and disinfectants. For hygiene reasons it is recommended
    that wristbands are changed after two weeks.
  • Wristbands meant for newborns have soft nylon padding on the inside..
  • Ultra soft wristbands available for those with sensitive skin.
  • Wristbands meant for long-term use have been laminated.
  • Fastening mechanisms are a durable glue fastening or clip fastening.
  • Wristbands available in many color options.
  • Antibacterial surface material prevents spreading of hospital bacteria.

Wristband cartridges
  • Wristband cartridges contain 175-200 wristbands/cartridge
  • Wristband alternatives are ultra soft wristband for newborns (25x152mm), soft
    wristband for adults (25x279mm/19x279mm), wristband for children (25x178mm).
  • Wristband color options: white, red, blue, orange, pink and yellow.
  • Fastening mechanisms are a durable label or useful clip fastening.
  • One cartridge contains 6 wristband rolls


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