Optiscan solutions for hospital equipment maintenance

In demanding hospital equipment maintenance environment impeccably working tools and materials are required. From Optiscan you will get printers, scanners and labels. Our long-term experience in healthcare logistics guarantees high-quality and reliable solutions. We have supplied solutions and devices for hospitals, hospital equipment maintenance, pharmacies, laboratories and other healthcare operators.  For instance the Hospital District of Southwest Finland uses Abakus system by Optiscan for handling all orders, item usage and product inventories.

In demanding equipment maintenance environment devices must be durable and reliable in constant hard use. The marketing leader Zebra’s printers are designed for heavy use, and their quality and durability are of high quality in any environment. Zebra printers are designed using latest technology. 

Labels for hospital equipment maintenance can be ordered directly from Optiscan as well. Equipment maintenance labels have been tested in demanding conditions and they endure temperatures of autoclaves. Labels of different measures are available.

From us you will get flexible service. Staging of the devices, installation in the premises and technical support by the phone are always agreed on case by case.

Device for healthcare and label materials for equipment maintenance

 Direct thermal printers: Zebra ZT230
  • The printer lid opens in two parts, which saves space
  • Label rolls by all vendors can be used
  • USB, RS232,ethernet models
  • Wifi (802.11 a/b/c/d) as an option
  • Inbuilt programming languages by most printers
    (Virtual Software)

 Direct thermal printers: Zebra ZD620
  • High printing speed (152mm/sec)
  • High color display for easy operation
  • Interfaces: USB, RS232, ethernet, Bluetooth and NFC pairing.
  • Wifi (802.11 a/b/c/d) as an option
  • Efficient spare battery available enabling printer to be used
    without power supply

  Labels for equipment maintenance

  • Labels endure autoclaves and attach tightly to fabrics used in operation
    theatres. Endure hard use.
  • Plastic labels: 104x36mm
  • Paper based PiggyPack labels
  • Ask for other sizes!

Durable and most efficient scanners of the market
Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic offer a variety of wired and wireless, handheld, desktop and pen scanners. The biggest differences are in scanning speed and ergonomics of the devices. Camera readers also recognize 2D bar codes and the scanning quality is provably more efficient compared to traditional linear scanners. 

Challenging laser scanning
Laser scanning is demanding for scanners. Very dense and small QR codes can be difficult, if not possible to scan if the right scanner has not been selected.  It is to be noted that there are differences between efficiency of different scanner brands. Based on customer testing we can recommend Zebra DS8178HD and DS3678DPM scanners for laser scanning. DS8178 scanner is one of the best models for scanning QR codes on labels due to its ergonomics and scanning capacity. DS3678/3608DPM models have, based on tests, proved to be the best scanners for instance for scanning QR codes by instrument suppliers.

Most popular scanners for equipment maintenance

DS8178(wireless)/DS8108 (wired) Healthcare:
High quality scanners for environment where speed is required,
ergonomic design and versatile intelligent programming features.
Scans 2D barcodes quickly. Antibacterial surface material ideal for
environment where high hygiene level is required.

  DS3608 (wired)/3678DPM (wireless):
The most efficient DPM scanner for reading laserburnt barcodes. Scans
very small barcodes by instrument suppliers very fast.

 DS9208 desktop scanner (wired):
Small, extremely efficient scanner for scanning curved surfaces.
Scans also 2D barcodes.

  Honeywell Xenon 1900 (wired) /1902gSR (wireless):
Flag ship models by Honeywell scanning 1D and
2D barcodes efficiently.


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