Optiscan solutions for laboratories

Making healthcare operations efficient includes improving healthcare processes and developing different support operations. An essential part of successful system projects are solutions, device and materials developed for the special needs of each field. For instance, in a clinical laboratory environment the materials of the devices must be antimicrobic and surface materials must resist chemical detergents.

Printers for all requirements

Marketing leader Zebra’s printers are meant for hard use, and the printer’s durability is of first class in any demanding environment, such as laboratories. Zebra printers are designed using latest technology.

Mobile printers and sample labels printed by the side of a patient are getting more and more common. Mobile labels can be provided with accurate information of sample. Also patient safety improves when label logistics is getting simpler. 

Mobile printing solution make laboratories more efficient

The mobile printing solution includes also sample taking applications by laboratory system vendor. Instead of mobile phones it is recommended to use high quality and durable professional mobile computers for sample taking. The hecticness of sampling requires functional and durable hardware. The life cycle of the hardware is 5 years minimum even in hard use. 

Solutions for healthcare from Optiscan

Optiscan helps to find hardware and solutions for demanding laboratory requirements in co-operation with you. We have solid experience in healthcare logistics. We have supplied solutions and hardware for laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare operators.

Devide for healthcare and label material for laboratories

From Optiscan you also get labels for desktop and mobile printers straight from stock. The labels are available to suit measurements and qualities of your special requirements. Labels have been tested by market leaders in laboratory conditions and they are widely used by our customers.

  Direct thermal printers: Zebra ZT230
  • The printer lid opens in two parts, which saves space
  • Ribbon rolls by all vendors can be used
  • USB, RS232,ethernet models
  • Wifi (802.11 a/b/c/d) as an option
  • Inbuilt programming languages by most printers
    (Virtual Software)

 Direct thermal printers: Zebra ZD620
  • High printing speed (152mm/sec)
  • Large color display for easy operation
  • Interfaces: USB, RS232, ethernet, Bluetooth and NFC pairing
  • Wifi (802.11 a/b/c/d) as an option
  • Efficient spare battery available enabling printer to be used
    without power supply

  Mobile printers: Zebra Qln220/320
Qln220/320 (2/3 inch) hc. Replacing printer model in autumn 2018: ZQ610/620
Healthcare mobile printers
•High quality mobile printer for demanding healthcare conditions.
•Antibacterial surface material endures hard hospital chemicals preventing spreading of bacteria in hospitals.
•The fastest printer on the market from "sleeping mode" to printing. Prints instantly after giving a printing command.
•Large color display for easy operation
•Interfaces: Bluetooth, USB, NFC or Wifi (802.11 a/b/c/d)
•Durable battery lasting for long work shifts (3250mAh)
•Room for big label rolls: ZQ610 =>56mm & ZQ620=>66mm.

 Mobile computers: Zebra TC51HC/TC56/TC25
  • Ergonomic (249g) and efficient mobile computer for demanding conditions
  • Drop, rain and frost resistent
  • Efficient prosessor for using bigger applications
  • Efficient barcode camera head by Zebra integrated
  • Wlan, bluetooth, NFC pairing as a standard. TC56 includes 4G features.
    With or without GMS features
  • Excellent phone call quality, prevent of background noise
  • High quality battery durability (4300mAh)
  • Accessories available: arm holder, cover bag.
Scanners (Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell):

  •  Zebra DS2278 (wireless)/DS2208 (wired): the most inexpensive
    model for most enviroments. Ultra light, scanning speed
    at average level, scans 2D barcodes extremely well. 
    The battery durability of DS2278 is of high quality and
    the scanner has versatile programmin features.

  •  Zebra DS8178(wireless)/DS8108 (wired) Healthcare:
    high quality scanners for environments where speed is required, ergonomic design and versatile intelligent programmin features. Scans 2D barcodes
    extremely fast. Antibacterial surface material ideal where high hygiene level is required.

  •  Zebra DS9208 desktop scanner (wired): small, extremely
    efficient scanner for scanning curved surfaces.
    Scans also 2D barcodes.

  •  Datalogic Cobalto 5330 (wired):
    new generation laser scanner, scans 1D barcodes and rounded
    shapes extremly fast. Visual lights for succesful scanning
    The scanner is drop resistent.

  •  Honeywell Xenon 1900/1902gSR (wired):
    Flagship models by Honeywelli scanning
    1D and 2 D barcodes efficiently.

  •  Datalogic RIDA 6400 Healthcare (wireless):
    the most efficient pocket sized scanner weighing only 80 g.
    Bluetooth pairing by push of a button to any Bluetooth device.
    Scans 1D and 2D barcodes efficiently. Using dock station can also be used with PC.


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