Optiscan solutions for pharmacies

Pharmacies are demanding business environments where drug and patient safety is imperative. From Optiscan you will get efficient printers and scanners and high quality labels that meet the high demands of pharmacy use. Optiscan has a long term experience with healthcare logistics which guarantees  high quality and reliable operation. We have supplied solutions and equipment to laboratories, pharmacies and other healthcare operators.  For instance University Pharmacy uses Optiscan’s voice picking solution that has helped boosting volumes and made picking more efficient.

In pharmacy use the equipment must be durable and reliable in constant use. Marketing leader Zebra’s printers are designed for heavy use. The quality and durability of the printers are excellent even in most demanding environments. Zebra printers are designed using latest technology.

High quality labels

High quality printer labels can be ordered from Optiscan. There is a wide selection of labels with different measurements, even for the most demanding conditions. Labels have been tested by market leaders. It is possible to order test rolls before making the decision to buy.

Efficient mobile computers

Zebra's mobile computers are widely used for instance with Webmarelan kake application. The mobile computers are ergonomic and their scanning efficiency is impeccable. There are two different tablet sizes to choose from and all mobile computers are designed for heavy professional use.

Medicines verification system brings new challenges

The medicines verification system brings extra work for inspecting medicine packages. Scanning packages one by one can be laborious and it can also cause problems in ergonomics. Optiscan can offer a new technology solution for this task as well. Just ask for a demonstration on this solution making work easier.

Device for healthcare and labels for pharmacies

 Zebra ZT230 
  •  Direct thermal printers: Zebra ZT230
  • For bigger printing quantities
  • The printer lid opens in two parts, which saves space
  • Large label and ribbon rolls
  • Label rolls by all vendors can be used
  • Ribbon rolls by Zebra (maximum length 400m)
  • Usb, RS232,ethernet models
  •  Wifi (802.11 a/b/c/d) as an option

 Direct thermal printers: Zebra ZD620
  • Small desktop printer with versatile features
  • High printing speed (152mm/sec)
  • Large color display makes configuration and operation easy
  • Label roll size max 127mm
  • Inbuilt programmin languages by most printers
    (Virtual Software)
  • Interfaces: USB, RS232, ethernet, Bluetooth and NFC pairing.
  • Wifi (802.11 a/b/c/d) as an option
  • Efficient spare battery available enabling printer to be,
    used without power supply.

  Mobile computers: Zebra TC51HC/TC56/TC25
  • Ergonomic (249g) and efficient mobile computer
  • Rain, drop and frost resistant
  • Efficient processor for using bigger applications
  • Efficient barcode camera head by Zebra integrated
  • Wlan, bluetooth, NFC pairing as a standard. 
  • With or without GMS features.
  • Excellent phone call quality, prevent of background noise
  • High quality battery durability (4300mAh)
  • Accessories available: arm holder, cover bags etc.
Labels for pharmacy
Common measurements of labels for desktop printers:
  • Paper labels:  99x50mm, 135x35(29x35mm), 65x22mm,
    70x40mm (red + white), 37x12mm, 30x20mm.
  • Plastic labels: 89x55mm, 89/55mm/cut at 11mm
  • Ask for other sizes, in color or pre-printed

Scanners (Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell):
  • DS8178 (wireless)/DS8108 (wired) Healthcare: high quality scanners for demanding environment, ergonomic design and intelligent
    programmin features.
    Scans 2D bar codes fast. Antibacterial surface material
    ideal for environment where high hygiene level is required

  • DS2278 (wireless)/DS2208(wired): the most inexpensive model
    for most environments. Ultra light and scanning speed at average level,
    scans 2D barcodes extremely well. The battery durabillity of DS2278
    is of high quality and the scanner has versatile programming features.

  •  DS9208 desktop scanner (wired): small
    extremely efficient scanner for scanning curved surfaces.
    Scans also 2D barcodes.

  • Honeywell Xenon 1900 (wired)/1902gSR (wireless): Flagship models by
    Honeywell scanning 1D and 2D barcodes efficiently.


  •  Datalogic RIDA 6400 Healthcare (wireless):the most efficient
    pocket sized scanner of the marketing weighin only 80 g. Bluetooth pairing by push of a button to  Bluetooth device. Scans 1D and 2D barcodes efficiently  Using dock station can also be used by PC.


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