Optiscan solutions for food services

There is a significant number of needs in food services for clear and high-quality labeling of food products. Traditionally, a lot of handwritten notations have been used. Hand-made markings take up staff time and cause ambiguity. In food production, a lot of manual entries are still made using the paper-pen method. To help increase production efficiency, mobile applications have already been developed that can be used to record the events of logistics processes in real time at the venue in electronic form.

Devices for food services in challenging conditions

Market-leading Zebra label printers are compatible with CGI's Aromi system. Label materials are officially certified for the needs of food production, and the most diverse range of label materials available on the market. In the future, a variety of mobile devices will be increasingly used in food production kitchens and warehouses, which will be required tougher durability in a challenging environment.

Device is easily exposed to shocks, liquids and food. Optiscan offers high-quality and ergonomic hardware solutions for food service professionals for all production kitchens.

Designed for food production inventory management, the Aromi app is browser-based and available on Zebra professional tablets and mobile terminals.

With the food service experts of our partner CGI's Aromi team, Optiscan has selected the best mobility and labeling solutions for kitchen conditions.

Food service equipment and label materials

Here are some of the most popular devices:

          Zebra ZT230

Zebra ZT230

  • Intended for large print volumes
  • The printer cover opens in two parts, which does not take up too much space
  • Label rolls from all label suppliers can be used Usb, RS232, ethernet models
  • Optional Wifi (802.11 a / b / c / d)
  • Built-in programming languages ​​for most other printers (Virtual Software)


Zebra ZD620

  • Intended for smaller print volumes
  • High print speed (152mm / sec)
  • Clear color display for status and adjustment Connections: USB, RS232, ethernet, Bluetooth and NFC pairing.
  • Optional: Wifi (802.11 a / b / c / d)
  • The printer also comes with an optional powerful battery that can be placed underneath, so it can also be used without a power supply, eg in carts for printing via Bluetooth



Zebra ZT410

  • Very suitable for mass printing, for example on production lines
  • Easy to use and easy to integrate.
  • Opening from the outside, which does not take up too much space
  • Connections: USB 2.0, RS-232, 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1 and USB.
  • Connect to the cloud service, an easier way to see data directly when printing.
  • Clear color display for status and adjustment



Versatile label selection for desktop printers:

  • In all dimensions
  • Oven-resistant stickers
  • With a firm or removable adhesive surface
  • Order a test roll


Zebra ET51 Professional Tablet, Android / Windows (8 "" or 10 "" screens)

  • Drop and shock resistant construction
  • Protected against dirt and liquids
  • Powerful processor for running multiple applications simultaneously
  • Very bright screen that can be worn with gloves in hand even when the screen is wet
  • The battery lasts well over a working day with continuous use
  •  Plenty of accessories e.g. handrail, double battery, edge protector, barcode reader, table and roller stands, etc.


Zebra TC52

  • Food service terminal, Android Ergonomic and highly efficient mobile terminal for food production
  • Powerful processor for running multiple applications simultaneously
  • Gorilla Glass (scratch-resistant display)
  • Drop-resistant construction
  • The screen is very bright in all conditions, can be worn with gloves in hand even when the screen is wet.
  • Integrated barcode reader
  • Top battery life (well over a day of continuous use)

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