Honeywell Vocollect A700x series

Today’s distribution centers (DCs) require optimized and flexible solutions that maximize existing technology investments. That is why Honeywell Vocollect™ voice is the preferred mobile technology solution used by one million workers around the world each day. Empowering mobile workers in your DC to operate hands-free with voice technology benefits both the worker, with intuitive and ergonomic wearable technology, and the DC operation, with
outstanding productivity and business value.

The Vocollect A700x Series includes:

  • A730x – a first-of-its-kind mobile device combining voice
    and occasional scanning; ideal for applications such as tote or
    purchase order induction
  • A720x – with two industrial-grade breakaway TCO connectors,
    identical to those used on prior Vocollect voice devices, which
    support wired headsets, scanners, and printers; ideal for using
    either wired or wireless headsets and peripherals
  • A710x – a wireless-only device supporting headsets, scanners,
    and printers; ideal for vehicle-mounted applications
All of the devices in the A700 Series support simultaneous use of Bluetooth®-enabled headsets, scanners, and printers. They all also support vehicle-mounted configurations, which significantly reduce device handling, damage, start-up time, and battery purchase needs.

The A700 Series devices also fully support existing software implementations, which makes updating to this new platform extremely easy and cost-effective.


  • Compact and ergonomic – easy to wear and use; not a bulky burden for the worker
  • Industrial device – stands up to rigorous environments
  • Body-worn or vehicle-mounted – any device may be used in either configuration for
    operational flexibility
  • Easily integrates scanning or printing – supports either wired or wireless printing and
  • Web managed – with web management tool, and can integrate with your preferred network
  • Compatible software – with prior Honeywell voice devices for an easy technology updates
  • The sensors of the device enable measuring and analysing of movement and temperature

  • Allowing mobile workers to operate hands-free using voice has been proven to offer positive worker productivity, safety, and business value.
  • With two TCO connectors, the Vocollect A720x mobile device is the best solution for customers who prefer a device with support for both wireless and wired Vocollect headsets and certified wired peripherals.
  • The Vocollect A710x wireless-only device is the best fit for voice-only workflows in environments where operators are using Vocollect Bluetooth-enabled headsets and peripherals. This device is also ideal for vehicle-based workflows, especially when used in vehicle-mounted configurations.
  • All devices offer a choice of two battery options as well as a vehicle-mount power option. A new standard battery is projected to provide 8-10 hour shift coverage while an extended-life battery is projected to last a second shift. Use of the vehiclemount option eliminates work stoppage associated with start-up time or battery changes.
  • All devices feature a number of time-saving features, including TouchConnect™,
    TouchConfig™, RapidStart™, and other features designed for faster start-up times, resulting in greater worker productivity.
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