Museum Card: With Zebra's devices, we are heading towards a whopping million readings of Museum cards during the summer

This summer, the number of Museum Card visits in Finland has broken the records of previous years, and we are on our way to a staggering million summer visits! The Finnish Museum Card offers a year-long admission ticket to more than 360 museums around the country, offering experiences in art, science, history, music, literature, nature, sports and many other topics. FMA Creations Ltd is responsible for the museum card service, which enables diverse cultural experiences around Finland.


Museum cards in Finland are scanned by Zebra devices

Optiscan has supplied Zebra TC21 devices to museums, where Museum Cards are read during the visit. The summer months are particularly lively in the Museum Card's visitor statistics, and this year's summer has been exceptionally popular.

Zebra TC21 terminals were put into use in May 2021, and they are now in use at all Finnish Museum Card sites. In terms of usability, e.g. Android operating system, NFC reader, reliable wi-fi and long battery life.

"From the customer manager's point of view, the operational reliability of the devices is important. The Zebra TC21 terminals supplied by Optiscan have offered required reliability and efficiency. The Museum Card team and the employees of the museums have been very satisfied with the new reading devices," says Elina Makkonen, account manager, FMA Creations Oy.

Cooperation with Optiscan enables an efficient process of reading Museum Cards and ensures that transactions in the museum are smooth. Culture lovers now have an even better opportunity to enjoy versatile museum experiences around Finland.

"Cooperation with Optiscan has been very smooth from the beginning. We have found a reliable partner with whom it is easy to do business and to develop solutions going forward. We quickly get the technical expertise we need in all situations. Optiscan is easy and comfortable to work with," says Anna Pirvola, project specialist, FMA Creations Oy.

The cooperation expanded in the spring of 2023, when the Museum Card handheld terminals were connected to the remote management service SOTI provided by Optiscan. The remote management program for handheld terminals improves the resolution of problem situations and facilitates the maintenance of the devices.

The deepening of the cooperation with Optiscan guarantees that the visitor experience in the museums will continue to be smooth and that it will be easy for the museum staff to receive Museum Card visitors. Smooth transactions ensure that museum visitors can focus on using their card as versatile as possible for the museum experiences on offer!

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