Enhance warehouse logistics operations!

Optiscan is a company that provides solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy in logistics operations, particularly in warehouse management and production. These solutions are designed to streamline processes and improve competitiveness for businesses by using voice-picking and barcode technology. Depending on the specific needs and operating environment of a business, Optiscan's solutions have been proven to improve competitiveness through more efficient and accurate operations, new operating models, and real-time operational control.

Optiscan's solutions combine operational control applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) systems to facilitate practical workflow, enabling real-time workflow control and automated execution of information for information systems. Essentially, these solutions help businesses to better manage and track their logistics operations in real-time, and make use of automated systems to improve efficiency and accuracy.


Warehouse Management

The AbakusWMS solution streamlines warehouse workflows and enhances performance and quality. An optimal inventory management system guides workers to where they are needed. The Abakus system knows which tasks are open, who is responsible for them, and when they are completed.

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E-commerce and Omni-channel

AbakusInStore is software solution specially optimized to handle order picking and delivery in retail environment.

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Abakus E-commerce & omni-channel

Healthcare Logistics

A solution concept to support healthcare logistics, ranging from voice picking in central warehouses to material management in hospitals.

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Abakus Healthcare: