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  • Adding Logic
    to Logistics

    Optiscan provides solutions based on Voice, Pick-n-Go, RFID and barcode technologies for enhancing logistics processes in warehouse, field service, manufacturing and post operations.

  • Warehouse Solutions

    “Our customers say that they don’t have to check our deliveries anymore. This is one of the best testimonials you could ask for.” -Vebjørn Aannø, H.I. Giørtz Sønner AS

  • Manufacturing

    "The managing of the material and data flows has changed in a way that increases competitiveness, reliability and delivery quality."
    Kemppi Oy

  • Mobile Solutions

    "Abakus gives JCDecaux a unique ability to guarantee and give our customers a proof that the product they have bought is delivered to 100%, in time at the right place with agreed quality." - Micael Nilsson, JCDecaux

  • Postal Sorting

    "The efficiency has improved by 10-30%, depending on the customer, and the level of errors has been reduced by half. With one customer the picking accuracy during the first six months was up to a perfect 100%.” -Jarkko Vuorenheimo, Itella Corp.

  • Public Services

    “There is a need for accurate information in the hospitals. With barcodes it is possible to identify exactly which product or material is at hand. We know exactly which implant each patient has and where in their body. The risk of error disappears.” - Mervi Ruonamo, TYKS


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