Optiscan - We optimize logistics!

Logistics and warehousing professionals must keep pace with the development, as digitalization is continuously regenerating the field. Customers of today expect flexible and quick distribution systems and multi-channel distribution models. Fast development has also created a demand for more efficient cost and labour management.

Optiscan Group has been supplying solutions for warehouse and field mobility management for over 30 years. Our solution covers ERP and WMS features and functionalities.  We help companies to achieve improved efficiency and productivity by offering solutions for management of warehouse logistics and field personnel. Our solutions are built on the following technologies:

> Optiscan Abakus solutions

> Pick by voice


> Barcodes

> Mobile computers

> Scanners

> Printers

> SOTI Device Management

Optiscan’s solutions boost the efficiency of warehouses, production and field mobility. OptiCare™ services guarantee that projects are performed successfully and the delivered solution is efficiently utilized. Optiscan Group operates in the Nordic countries and the Baltics, and the company employs over 60 professionals.