Reference story : Alfaroc Logistics

Alfaroc Logistics is one of Finland’s largest outsourcing service providers in in-house logistics and warehousing. The company offers services to industrial and retail companies, importers and online stores. The core idea of ​​Alfaroc Logistics Oy’s warehousing services is to help companies outsource their logistics and focus on their own core business without fixed warehousing costs. Strong logistics expertise, flexible and high-quality warehousing processes and reliable technology are at the heart of Alfaroc Logistics Oy’s logistics service business.

Seamless teamwork between all parties is a requirement for a successful project. Cooperation with Optiscan during the project went very well – the voice picking system was integrated into Alfaroc’s WMS system, the project was delivered on time. The first implementation data has shown that the picking efficiency improvement targets set for the project have been achieved. Thanks to voice picking, the efficiency of employees has increased significantly and the error rate has decreased as planned.

Jarmo Järvinen, Account Director, Alfaroc Logistics Oy

Alfaroc’s picking process streamlined by Optiscan’s Voice Picking Solution

Alfaroc’s business operations have been continuously growing and Optiscan’s Honeywell voice picking solution was implemented in order to meet the demands on growth. The company aimed also to pay attention to the ergonomics, quality and efficiency of workers while using voice picking technology.

The project started in the fall 2019 with the planning phase, and in May 2020 reached the deployment phase. The key factor of the effective implementation of this project was a detailed planning process done together with the customer. Project details and implementation related matters were quickly resolved by the project steering group.

At the heart of Alfaroc’s services is its own WMS system, which enables the production of versatile customer-specific storage services. In order to increase the efficiency of its operations, Alfaroc is picking multi-line orders for several customers at the same time. Multi-customer picking process is excellent with voice picking solution. The use of voice picking solution in a multi-customer environment required some customer-specific customizations. In this case the products are picked according to customer-specific instructions: e.g., the item is collected in sales batches or the same products are collected in bulk. All customizations are stored in the system and it guides the picker to operate correctly.

Profitable growth and improved logistics processes with voice picking technology

The paperlessness and green values ​​brought by voice picking also are considered as important goals. Alfaroc Logistics Oy wants to make more ecologically sustainable choices through its operations, and the utilization of voice picking solution supports the company’s environmental values. Use of voice picking solution keeps hands and eyes free and enables an ergonomic and safe picking process.

“Voice picking is a reliable and ergonomic solution that makes it easier to pick orders: efficiency increases and errors decrease. In addition, the paperlessness brought by voice picking supports the company’s green values, ”says CEO Tiia Bister, Alfaroc Logistics Oy.

The quality brought by Optiscan’s Honeywell voice picking solution enables reliability of the processes and the fact that the right orders leave Alfaroc’s warehouse on time. With the help of voice picking solution, internal logistics processes were streamlined and that also more flexible customer service enabled.

About voice picking solution in general

Voice Picking solution by Honeywell can increase picking efficiency by 15-35% depending on the initial situation. It allows hands-free, eyes-free operations and also supports the flawlessness of the picking process of multiple customer orders. Properly implemented, voice picking solution can achieve 99.98+ percent picking accuracy. The voice recognition process guides the picker through the entire picking process. The use of voice picking solution enables easier and quicker training of new employees and increases work satisfaction.

Alfaroc Logistics Oy

Alfaroc Logistics offers outsourcing services in the fields of in-house logistics, warehousing and goods processing. Alfaroc Logistics was founded in 2007, currently employing 280 logistics professionals. Alfaroc responds to changes in of its customers’ needs, seasonal fluctuations and changes in business volumes in an agile manner. Its turnover for 2018 totaled EUR 15 million. Alfaroc’s ultramodern logistics center is located in Lahti, and company also conducts operations in Nastola, Rauma, Helsinki and Vantaa.

Optiscan Oy

Optiscan Group has been providing solutions for warehouse management for over 30 years. The solutions are based on Voice and barcode technologies for enhancing logistics processes in warehouse, retail and healthcare logistics.  We help companies to achieve improved efficiency and productivity by offering warehouse process management solutions. We are the market leader in Voice Picking solutions in the Nordic countries. Optiscan Group’s turnover is MEur 17+ and the company employs about 60 experts. Optiscan operates in Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic countries.

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