Company Background

Optiscan Group provides solutions based on Voice and barcode technology for enhancing material and data flows, productivity and customer satisfaction in warehousing as well as solutions increasing efficiency and accuracy in warehouse and manufacturing operations. OptiCare™ services guarantee project results and ensure maximal utilization of delivered solutions.

Optiscan has 30 years of experience in providing high quality solutions to logistics industry. We focus on solving logistics challenges to improve our customers’ productivity and operational quality. Our solution portfolio include the following:

Software solutions:

Voice control enabled AbakusWMS and AbakusInStore solutions to
manage logistics operations.

Hardware solutions:

Market leading mobile computers, scanners, printers and
voice recognition ecosystems.

Support services:

Hardware repairing and configuration, device maintenance.

Operational services:

Enterprise mobility management (EMM), 24/7 help desk, project
management, server hosting.

Optiscan Group was formed in the beginning of the new millennium, as a subdivision of Amplexgruppen by acquisition of Optiscan Oy, (ex. Juha-Viivakoodi Oy, Viivakoodi Optiscan Oy) and Optiscan AB.

As early industry pioneers we've lead the way and our continuously increasing customer base includes a broad variety of leading organizations in the Nordics and Baltics.


  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania


60 +


MEur 17 +

Our Mission

To optimize logistics.

Our Vision

To be the leading solution provider in logistics, powered by thriving personnel and innovative technologies.

Our Team

Our personnel are talented specialists passionate about software and hardware solutions in logistics. The success of our company is relying on success of our individual team members.

Optiscan is the leading provider of systems for streamlining logistics processes. We help organizations to simultaneously improve process execution, customer service and profitability.

Our Abakus solutions direct logistics performance guaranteeing operational quality and timeliness. Built-in automation assigns resources and schedules activities, enabling supervisors to focus on hands-on employee guidance or managing exceptions.

The core of our solutions is our industry specific extensive process expertise backed by our long history in automatic identification. Solutions based on Bar codes and voice-directed work provide your staff members with efficient and ergonomic tools for error-free operation. 

Optiscan provides a competitive edge improving our customers' market position. The results are concrete and easy to measure. 96 % of our customers state that "Optiscan has improved their business" (Optiscan´s Annual Customer Survey).


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