Company Background

Optiscan Group provides solutions based on Voice, RFID and barcode technology for enhancing material and data flows, productivity and customer satisfaction in warehousing as well as solutions increasing efficiency and accuracy in warehouse, manufacturing and field service operations. OptiCare™ services guarantee project results and ensure maximal utilization of delivered solutions.

With over 30 years of history in the AutoID business Optiscan Group enjoys a solid background of core technical knowledge in barcoding, RFID and Voice as well as process knowledge in a number of industrial and logistics applications.

Optiscan Group was formed in the beginning of the new millennium, as a subdivision of Amplexgruppen by acquisition of Optiscan Oy, (ex. Juha-Viivakoodi Oy, Viivakoodi Optiscan Oy) and Optiscan AB.

As early industry pioneers we've lead the way and our continuously increasing customer base includes a broad variety of leading organizations in the Nordics and Baltics.