OptiCare Services ensure smooth operations

OptiCare™ services are a one-stop, cost effective solution to designing, implementing and supporting your systems.

OptiCare™ Expert

OptiCare™ Expert professional services offer a complete range of services from designing systems to implementation and go-live support. Expert services give you control for the total project.

OptiCare™ Expert professional services cover the complete life-cycle of your project. All successful projects begin with a feasibility study and careful implementation planning.

Expert services guarantee a flexible implementation according to the project schedule and budget. Programming and installation are carried out according to plans made with your project team. User training enables your team to adapt quickly to the new system resulting in a smooth start-up and securing a rapid payback for your investment.

OptiCare™ Contract

OptiCare™ Contract covers all services for the daily operation of the hardware components of your system. OptiCare™ Contract provides continuity without interruptions. It offers guaranteed response times as well as predictable service and maintenance costs in all situations.

All error situations have their own clear and documented procedures. Our tools enable optimizing support operations and managing your support requests. This enables your organization to concentrate on your business.

OptiCare™ Contract is available in three different levels: Basic, Advanced and Premium. A contract with guaranteed response times may for example include technical support, repair service, spare units or even service on-site.

OptiCare™ HelpDesk

OptiCare™ HelpDesk supports solutions right when your business needs it, even 24/7. OptiCare™ HelpDesk delivers support for your applications. We provide your systems managers with a professional back-up to keep your systems going.

All issues will be addressed within the agreed response time in direct co-operation with your staff, enabling you to maximize your system up-time.

OptiCare Value Added Integrated Service (VAIS)

OptiCare Value Added Integrated Service (VAIS) provides an integrated total support plan for hardware configuration and delivery process. We help you to protect the investment by eliminating unexpected configuration costs, potential disruptions and risks.


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